Welcome to the Companion Parrot University provided by the Companion Parrot Endeavor and Sponsored by the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization.

The Companion Parrot University is being built around the idea of offering educational programs around avian care, aviculture, behavior, training, and general avian husbandry. We will offer courses in specific areas created and taught by various experts in the appropriate fields of study we providing you access too. You will be able to take our courses self-paced through the Online Education Solution we have put in place so that you can work around your life and schedule. You will have the opportunity to take quizzes and exams and earn certificates of completion and verification of your newly established skills and knowledge. We look forward to your participation here at the Companion Parrot University.


We have the site and systems operational at this time. Educational courses and supporting content are still a major work in progress. We will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.